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Like Salt and Onions (Part 2)

Cerpen Kiriman: | Lolos Moderasi Pada: 23 April 2018
“You said goodbye to me, wished for my success, and left,” he continued. “But, your smile and your eyes were like… you were telling me something that I couldn’t understand. I felt like it wasn’t a goodbye that ended » Baca lanjutan ceritanya...

Like Salt and Onions (Part 1)

Cerpen Kiriman: | Lolos Moderasi Pada: 23 April 2018
Once, my parents told me, “This world is full of mystery, my daughter. About love, we never know who the one that has been fated to be with us for the rest of our life. That person might be » Baca lanjutan ceritanya...

The Kite Master

Cerpen Kiriman: | Lolos Moderasi Pada: 6 March 2018
It was dry season; everyone spent the noon by sleeping or watching TV because it was very hot out there. However, it was not what kids felt, they had more and more amusing way to spend it. The sky » Baca lanjutan ceritanya...


Cerpen Kiriman: | Lolos Moderasi Pada: 23 January 2018
Namaku Alya Vanissa. Cukup panggil Alya saja. Aku tinggal di London enam bulan terakhir ini. Setahun penuh, Aku akan menempuh pendidikan di negeri big ben ini. “Morning Farah!!” sapaku. “Morning Alya” balasnya. “What is it that you look so » Baca lanjutan ceritanya...

First Day School

Cerpen Kiriman: | Lolos Moderasi Pada: 22 November 2017
Hi All! My name is Adeleide. You can call me Adel. I’m 11 years old, and now I’m school in SD Garuda 2. “Adeellll. wake up! it’s 6 a.m, today is your first day school hanny! don’t be late!” » Baca lanjutan ceritanya...

Centimeters Away

Cerpen Kiriman: | Lolos Moderasi Pada: 11 October 2017
The season keeps rolling without loosen its pace. It has been a long time since the last moment I wear my lovely pink sandals which we bought together years ago. I take them out, and they’re dusty all over. » Baca lanjutan ceritanya...

A Sudden Light

Cerpen Kiriman: | Lolos Moderasi Pada: 7 October 2017
There are no Tart and birthday song today. I decided to stay in my room for my birthday this moment. I woke up and sat in front of mirror, when I looked at my watch it was 8 AM. » Baca lanjutan ceritanya...
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