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White as Snow (Part 1)

Cerpen Kiriman: | Lolos Moderasi Pada: 16 January 2017
This story is based on the beloved fairytale, Snow White, originally compiled by the Grimm Brothers. It involves most of the same elements, except that it focuses on different aspects of the story. Originally, it tells the story of » Baca lanjutan ceritanya...


Cerpen Kiriman: | Lolos Moderasi Pada: 21 December 2016
Friend, that’s what i need now. I move to Indonesia, Tasikmalaya from New York city. Actually, i really don’t want to move here, but my mum said that i have to because my father’s job. I really miss my » Baca lanjutan ceritanya...

Love You Thousand Times

Cerpen Kiriman: | Lolos Moderasi Pada: 14 December 2016
The sun shone brightly. The birds chirped happily. Every body was busy with their activities. So did Dinda. That morning she went to a beautiful park near her house. A park where she usually spend her spare time for » Baca lanjutan ceritanya...


Cerpen Kiriman: | Lolos Moderasi Pada: 13 November 2016
It was a middle of August, a sunny day and the wind blew slowly, give a brand new day to Kamila. The day was her first semester in University. She studied in Surakarta State University and took English Literature » Baca lanjutan ceritanya...

The Aristocrat

Cerpen Kiriman: | Lolos Moderasi Pada: 28 September 2016
“GAAAHHH!!! I’M SO BORED!!!” Ryan shouted, while rested his head at his table. “Umm… Do you want to eat something?” Ryan older brother, Evan asked. “No…” Ryan said. “Oh… If you need something, call me. I’ll do the house » Baca lanjutan ceritanya...

Bimbimbab Bulgogi

Cerpen Kiriman: | Lolos Moderasi Pada: 1 September 2016
“Cincah!, njang! salamdeul-eun wae eojjaessdeun e naleul ttaleula ida?! ttohan sonsil, yeogi seong su issseubnida! jenjang jenjang! salamdeul-eun wae eojjaessdeun e naleul ttaleula ida?!,” hardiknya kepada dirinya sendiri sembari ia bersembunyi di balik restoran itu. sial! Kenapa itu orang » Baca lanjutan ceritanya...

Last Summer

Cerpen Kiriman: | Lolos Moderasi Pada: 31 August 2016
Aku merasa aneh belakangan ini. Dia selalu saja menghantuiku. Tapi dia bukan hantu. Dia manusia, manusia yang seperti hantu untukku. Atau.. ahh lupakan saja! Namaku Lindsey Anastasya, gadis berusia 21 tahun yang lahir di New York. Perlu diketahui bahwa » Baca lanjutan ceritanya...


Cerpen Kiriman: | Lolos Moderasi Pada: 13 August 2016
Where am I, nobody wants to tell me Find the right place, but where? No, there is no hope anywhere Go to the mountainside and standing alone Walk, walk, and always walk There is no way to nowhere Light, » Baca lanjutan ceritanya...


Cerpen Kiriman: | Lolos Moderasi Pada: 4 August 2016
Hello… My name is Dreamelicca. Call me Licca. Can I tell you a story? If you wont, it’s okay. Nobody cares about me, right? Everybody thinking that I’m so insane. Bu..B..But.. I’m so scared. She always stalk me. Until » Baca lanjutan ceritanya...

Bitterness Of Life

Cerpen Kiriman: | Lolos Moderasi Pada: 29 July 2016
Poorness is a condition where it is not always people doesn’t have much money but it can be loveless. “Wake up ! You must go to school right now!” said Jack’s mother loudly. “Okay… Mom.” replied Jack while he » Baca lanjutan ceritanya...
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