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Finding Family

Cerpen Kiriman: | Lolos Moderasi Pada: 6 June 2016
Today is the day when i was being adopted by my foster parents. i remembered the first time when they walked into the orphanage and looked at me for the first time when i was sitting on the stairs. » Baca lanjutan ceritanya...

The Sun And The Stars

Cerpen Kiriman: | Lolos Moderasi Pada: 21 May 2016
In Ancient times, There lived many Gods and Goddesses. Sol was one of the powerful Gods. He was kind, Good, and always helps one in need. Because of his will of justice, all the Gods agrees so that Sol » Baca lanjutan ceritanya...


Cerpen Kiriman: | Lolos Moderasi Pada: 9 May 2016
Shysie was listening to the music when her mother knocked the door. She did not open it because she did not know that her mother was there, stood in front of her room and knocked the door. The music » Baca lanjutan ceritanya...

I Got Fooled

Cerpen Kiriman: | Lolos Moderasi Pada: 3 May 2016
By the end of the day. Me, Tasia, Josephine, and Elaina are heading to the western coast. “The Western coast?” Tasia gave me a puzzled look. “Yes indeed.” I giggled a little bit. She looks like she’s guilty. All » Baca lanjutan ceritanya...

An Ember December

Cerpen Kiriman: | Lolos Moderasi Pada: 2 May 2016
Weariness seemed to treat his spirited soul roughly as Agustin sat himself on the bench near the big mango tree before his campus one Monday afternoon. He had been sat there for about half an hour after his English » Baca lanjutan ceritanya...

The Rib of Yasin

Cerpen Kiriman: | Lolos Moderasi Pada: 20 April 2016
That day, Dila made people amazed to her. Chairman of the committee commemoration Maulid Prophet of Muhammad appointed her as a reader of holy Qur’an. She has done her job so well. Her tuneful Voice and eloquence to recited » Baca lanjutan ceritanya...

The Best Love

Cerpen Kiriman: | Lolos Moderasi Pada: 9 April 2016
Pagi hari aku sudah bangun dan bersiap pergi ke sekolah. “Nes, Ningrum udah nungguin di bawah cepetan turun,” kata ibuku. “Iya, bu bentar lagi aku turun kok,” jawabku seikit berteriak. Tak lama kemudian aku turun. “Bu Ines berangkat dulu » Baca lanjutan ceritanya...
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