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The Kind Old Woodsman

Cerpen Kiriman: | Lolos Moderasi Pada: 17 March 2016
One sunny day in the huge kingdom of Murdock, a humble woodsman was walking around town with his son. The old woodsman plans on surprising his 20 year old son, but he has nothing planned since he only had » Baca lanjutan ceritanya...

So Into You

Cerpen Kiriman: | Lolos Moderasi Pada: 20 February 2016
My chest felt tight, my head felt heavy. It was hard to look up the street. I kept stepping while crouching, staring holes and gravels on it without bumping into anything. I was very familiar what I had to » Baca lanjutan ceritanya...

Pick A Star

Cerpen Kiriman: | Lolos Moderasi Pada: 29 January 2016
“Pick a star in the dark horizon and follow the light” -Regina Spektor, The Call. My name is Lucy, my age 16 years old and I have a younger sister 10 years old. But unlike most children out of » Baca lanjutan ceritanya...

Aku Sakit (Je Suis Malade) (Part 2)

Cerpen Kiriman: | Lolos Moderasi Pada: 28 January 2016
Semenjak kejadian itu hubungan mereka berlanjut dari berkenalaan satu sama lain hingga kemudian mereka menjalin hubungan sebagai sepasang kekasih. Seorang penulis dan jurnalis bernama Patrick Braun berhasil merebut hati Suzana meski sebenarnya Suzana memiliki rasa dendam terhadap laki-laki akibat » Baca lanjutan ceritanya...

The Dream

Cerpen Kiriman: | Lolos Moderasi Pada: 15 January 2016
I have a dream last night. I saw someone running in the corridor of My Senior highschool. I saw a red dressed girl calling me. She wore a white Japenese cat mask. I try to chase her, but she » Baca lanjutan ceritanya...

Secret Admirer

Cerpen Kiriman: | Lolos Moderasi Pada: 14 January 2016
Love is a mysterious thing, from its mysterious nature that makes a love interest. Not for some people but for everyone. There are many taste of love, love is about happy, sad, proud, burden, afraid, or even disappointed. But » Baca lanjutan ceritanya...

My Sleepless Night

Cerpen Kiriman: | Lolos Moderasi Pada: 8 January 2016
It’s 23:54. My husband hadn’t arrived yet. I responded a message from my Blackberry high school group. It was Damang. As a forever head of the class he started the first chat by a usual opening “It’s so quiet.” » Baca lanjutan ceritanya...

About Time

Cerpen Kiriman: | Lolos Moderasi Pada: 4 January 2016
A hundred years ago, there lived a girl with her old brother and old sister in Jrubong Village. They treated by a tree which life like a human. However, it can’t walking like us. The tree’s name is Mrs. » Baca lanjutan ceritanya...

3 Things

Cerpen Kiriman: | Lolos Moderasi Pada: 17 December 2015
Diana and Yi An was a very close friend they were a neighbor. Yi An was very good and clever boy. Diana is a genius girl in her school. They always together no matter what happened. They were like » Baca lanjutan ceritanya...
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