Monica’s Purse

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Monica was sitting and crying on her chair. Her friends stood around her and tried to calm her down. The girl was so furious for she had lost her purse.

“Where did you put it, Monica?” asked Bobby, the head of the class, confused.
“In my bag,” sobbed Monica, “and it is always there. Nobody knows I always bring it everyday to school.”
“And… when did you realize that it has gone?” asked Bob again.
Monica tried to recall. “When I returned from library, I saw my bag was slightly opened. Then, I checked my bag. I was shocked that my purse had already gone! Somebody must have stolen it when I left the classroom!”
“Did you see anybody at that time?”
Monica shook her head immediately.
“No, I didn’t. I just bumped into Dean near the door when he was running out of the room.”
“He ran out of the room?” Bobby’s eyebrows were lifted. Bobby looked at his friends. “Then, where is he now?”
Some of the students there just raised their shoulders or shook their heads for not knowing the answer. Bobby breathed a sigh of confusion.
“I’m sure he took it!” cried Monica.

“Wait, Monica!” said Bobby. “Are you really sure that Dean had taken your purse?”
“He was the only student in this room during the break, and he ran when he met me. Moreover, he is the naughtiest kid among us. I’m sure he did it!”
“Well, be patient, Monica. Let’s wait for him,” said Bobby.

Fifteen minutes later, Dean showed up. He was very puzzled to get suspicious stares from his friends.
“What’s the matter, guys?” asked the plump boy.
“Monica lost her purse, Dean,” said Bobby.
“Why did you steal it?” shouted Monica immediately.
“What? Me? Stealing your purse?” Dean was shocked with Monica’s sharp question. “I didn’t do it!”
“Be honest, Dean!” Monica could not hold her anger. “Where is my purse? Give it back!”
“I didn’t take it, Monica!” Dean got angry.
“Whoa…! Whoa…!” Bobby interrupted the quarrel. “Please, stop! Okay, I think we should search the purse now.”

Then, Bobby, Dean and all students there did the searching around the classroom. Monica was just sitting on her chair. However, her eyes kept looking at Dean angrily. She was pretty sure that the boy had stolen her purse.

There was a knock on the classroom door. All students turned their eyes toward the door. They saw a young woman with a pink dress, stood there. The students did not recognize her, but Monica did. She was Monica’s maid.

“Mbak Imah!” suddenly Monica stood up from her seat and ran to the young woman. “Why are you doing here?”
“I bring your purse, Non Monica,” said Mbak Imah. “This morning, you left it on the dining table.”
Mbak Imah gave a small brownish-orange purse to Monica. “Your mom said that you must always check your stuff before leaving for school.”
Monica was startled to receive it. All of sudden, she lost her words. Instantly, the sounds of jeer from some students were heard. They were unhappy with Monica’s wrong accusation. Then Monica looked at Dean and her friends, feeling badly guilty.

“You should make an apology to Dean, Monica,” said Bobby. “And, please, never accuse somebody without any proofs.”
“I’m sorry, Dean,” said Monica in embarrassment.

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