Centimeters Away

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The season keeps rolling without loosen its pace.
It has been a long time since the last moment I wear my lovely pink sandals which we bought together years ago. I take them out, and they’re dusty all over.
And it has been two springs for me to bear with this distance.
I’m sorry.
I’m still as lame as I was a child. Such an unreliable person, right? Even until now, I can’t stare directly into your bright brown eyes.

For a long time, I’ve been trying to reveal my feeling toward you, which is more real than only words, and closer than your breathe.
However, my feet does still hesitate and keep measuring the right time to reach you.
And here, in the other side of seasons, I’m still hiding.

I wonder, do you still remember at that day, when we were together on our way home after-school?
I was so desperate since you were failed to say something important to me. And for the countless time, too, i was failed to say an answer I had prepared days before.
Until then, suddenly I heard my friends calling. So finally, hopelessly I chose to go with them, after biding a cold “good bye” to you.

Again, once again I’m failed to say that how much I love you, more than just a friend.
Somehow, this failure leaves a great regret inside our heart. I don’t know about you, but I feel my confidence melts down, leaving my heart in dryness and hopeless about you. And since all of those, we’re making distance, which is frustrating me to the most.
Is it even not a problem?
I just don’t want my lament to be sighed out. So, standing here on the wave breaker, feeling the soft breeze through my curves, I’m thinking hard to decide what I should do.

For this long, we’re only watching the season. It keeps rolling, while we do nothing.
Are you satisfied with that?

For a long time, I’ve been trying to reveal my feeling toward you, which is more real than only words, and closer than your breathe.
Once in a time, I just had to walk one step closer to you. However, these feet did still hesitate and kept measuring the right time.
Until finally, the season took over my pace. You went away further, once again leaving me in dry and hopeless soul.

So, right now, I have decided.
I realized that I have a dream to stay with you forever. I also can’t bear with this kind of bitterness any longer.
It’s enough! I have to close this distance! I’m gonna run to you for that. And this time, I promise, I would stare deep into your eyes.
So, right now, still standing on the wave breaker and holding my courage, I’m thinking about words I’m going to say. Please wait for me… I will come in no time.

Ah, what a dazzling breeze…

Cerpen Karangan: Lisa T
Facebook: Lisa Thru
An amateur and shady story writer….

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  1. Mrs roboy says:

    HI, i enjoyed reading your story really, but do yoi know a website which can improve my english skills??

    • Miduk says:

      Just try speaky app, haven’t you been ?

      And I’m just either of one and students is learning english speak. So, would you like to share yr WA numbers for me ?

  2. Risaaa says:

    Hi. I’ve read your story, and i’m enjoy it. I hope you’ll publish the new story soon.

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