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I saw him walking around the backyard like something’s troubling him. I called him in and when I asked what’s going on he just said “Can I go out for a while”. I know he’s just trying to change the subject. Then again maybe he just needed some fresh air to clear his mind. So I said yes.

The next day I saw him washing my neighbour’s car and when he came home I asked him why he would do that he just said “He told me to”. So I told him to take a bath and do his homework. When he was done I told him that he didn’t have to wash the car because it was not his responsibilities. He just nod.

The day after that I brought him to a supermarket and asked him if he wanted to buy some candy. He said no. and when I asked why he just said “I don’t like candy”. Which I know was a lie because the only kind of 7 year old who doesn’t like candy is the one who has diabetes, which he doesn’t. I didn’t want to pressure him so I just said okay.

The next morning he came to me and asked if he could go sleepover at his friend’s house. I didn’t want to make him feel coped up so I said yes. He packed his bag, hugged me, said goodbye and left the house. At dusk, I decided to go a friend’s home and pass by a yard sale. I remembered that he always wanted a spaceship to match with his planets so I checked if there was any spaceship toy. With surprise I didn’t find a spaceship, but I did found a handmade prototype of a planet. I asked the guy who was holding the yard sale where did he get this and he said “A kid sold it to me”. I froze. I ended up buying the planets. I asked myself why, why would he do this because this was his favorite toy. I decided to confront him the next day

He didn’t come home the next day. He called and said he had to do some things with his friend and asked if he could stay over at his friend’s house. I wanted to talk to him face to face but I didn’t want to make it obvious that I was going to confront him. So I said sure. It’s driving me insane. I wanted to know what’s going on with that boy. He’s acting weird and he obviously is trying to hide something from me. I tried to keep calm. I took a walk down the street; I was walking for about 10 minutes when this lady who was my neighbour asked me if I wanted some tea. I said yes. We were talking for about half an hour when she told me that my son helped her husband painted their kitchen wall. I asked her when did this happened and she said it was just yesterday. I thanked her for the tea and went back home. I tried calling his friend’s home line but nobody answered and that is when I saw it. A blue box with red bow and a note on the side that said “For Mom” I opened the note. It was written in green crayons. It said “Dear Mom, I wanted to buy you something special for your birthday but I didn’t have any money, so I asked Mr Andrew if I could water his lawn in exchange for a few money, I also asked Mr Rodriguez if I could wash his car, and I sold my planets to a nice man who was having a yard sale, I also helped Mr knight paint his kitchen. I once heard you say ‘money can’t come to you, you have to earn it’ so I tried, it was hard, but it was worth it. Happy birthday Mommy.” At the right bottom corner of the note it said love Andy. I opened the box. It was the sweater I sold so I could buy him a new bag for school. It was my favorite sweater. But I didn’t want his friend to make fun of him because of his old bag.

When my eyes started to fill with tears that’s when I saw him, standing there with his crooked smile and big eyes. He ran up to me and hugged me. That’s when the tears started to roll down my face. He asked me why I was crying. I told him that I was happy. He hugged me tighter. He asked me if I like the sweater he gave me. I told him I loved it. I told him that I have a surprise for him too. So I told him to close his eyes. He did. I went to the closet where I put the prototype planets of his. I told him to open his eyes. When he did his face lit up like a candle. He was so happy he couldn’t hide his enthusiasm. He hugged me and kissed me a bunch of times. He thanked me a million times. And I said you’re welcome. I promised him that I will work hard to buy him that spaceship he wanted. I told him that I won’t give up. Because when I was starting to lose hope he was the light that kept me going

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