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Where am I, nobody wants to tell me
Find the right place, but where?
No, there is no hope anywhere
Go to the mountainside and standing alone
Walk, walk, and always walk
There is no way to nowhere
Light, light, where is the light?
There is a small light in the darkness my way
Who am I, nobody knows right now
I feel time just passing by
Now, there is a hope
Will I rise in my way?

Greenwich, Thursday 25th September 2016, it is rainy day, the rain falls from the sky and (washes) the streets, you can only hear the sound of the rain from swinging of the tree cause of the wind, the cold shivering into the body and from far away we can see the people running try to find place for sheltering, thinking from my window, when we leave this world, can we leave like the rain? Piece, you won’t hear the sadness, the pain and people see you as a good thing, even some of them see it as a disaster. Saturday 25th September 2014, my sister has left me forever, police said she passed away because of an accident, but I know she’s killed by unknown man, since 7 years old because our parents passed away in the trip to Hawaii, I only have my sister in my life, and I can feel the pain when I lost my sister until this time, even every second in my life. Because she is the only one that I have in this world and from that day I hate something about murdering, even sometime I hate myself.
Tuesday 17th September 2016, Here I am, Jonathan Brian or JB, people call me with that name even though my real name is Jonathan Steve Stuart Brian Lewis, so I think will be easy for them to call me Jonathan Brian or JB rather than my complete name, yeah it is not a problem for me, and now I am working in police station as a detective for murder case and I have a partner, or maybe my only friend in this office. His name is Ivan Romanoff, he is 5 years older than me and he said 4 years ago he was my neighbor until he moved to west Greenwich, but I didn’t realize that. Ivan Romanoff or Ivan is a good man, smart, I can see it when he solved every cases, he can be my friend, senior, or my teacher. I learn many things from Ivan, and I don’t know why he is so friendly with me, maybe because we are partner in work, we are friends and we work in the same office. “Hey JB, want to go home and buy a cup of coffee together? It is good for your concentration.” He asked me when our work almost done and it is 10:20 P.M, “Sure, don’t forget to add sugar into your coffee, because last time you forgot to put it, how old are you? 69 years old?!” joking me answering his question and Ivan laughed while holding my shoulder. In the café we talk about many things, our case, and finally it is already midnight “It is already midnight, time to take a rest and go home, dude.” says Ivan, “Yeah, you’re right, it is time to go home, but you can go first because I have something to do before that.” answer me while looking at my watch, and Ivan go home after he said see you tomorrow. It’s a long night and I arrived in my home at 03:18 A.M and I fall asleep in my sofa without change my clothes.
My phone is ringing and it makes me awake, and then I look at my watch, it is 09:25 A.M. Oh shit, I am late!!!!!!, I answer the call in my phone and it is from Ivan, “ Hey where the hell you are!!! Something happened in our office, come here as fast as you can, JB.” when I heard that news from Ivan, I go to the office as fast as I can, even I don’t know yet what is that the problem. In the office so many policemen gathering in my desk and Ivan already waiting for me, “Sorry, Ivan, the coffee last night made me hard to sleep and.” “Don’t think about that, look at this, JB, something happened.” answered Ivan before I am finishing the conversation and he shows me a piece of paper.

Dear Mr. Jonathan Steve Stuart Brian Lewis:
I need your help and I don’t know where to go for help. My name is Iburof and I am 22 years old girl. I was rap*d by my uncle two days ago but I couldn’t tell this terrible thing to my family. I felt my life has ruined and I don’t want to live with tainted life till the rest of my life. I’ll take my own life if you can’t provide me with a solution.
I’ll wait for your answer within a week, and I don’t need cops, if you tell or bring the cops I’ll take my own life too, I believe in you.
Thank you.
Sincerely yours,
I enclose with this letter my photo and this is my mobile number: 0813-99875801.

“I got this letter in your desk this morning. Tell me, what is going on, who Iburof is?! Why the hell this letter in your desk? Even she knows your real name!!” ask Ivan and looking at me angrily, “What are you talking about? I don’t know who put that letter in my desk, and why you angry and yelling at me!! I am your friend, and I never lie to you.” Answer me too Ivan and I sit in his chair “Sorry dude, so many cases nowadays that we’ve got, but I don’t know why…, I mean, I just,.. I don’t want you involved in this case.” Sigh Ivan after he said it. “Hey man, calm down, don’t worry about this letter, don’t think about it, maybe someone joking us to get attention from us, I think you need more sleep, come on, let me drive you home.” and I take care Ivan to his house.
“Actually I was so surprised when I read this letter, and I was so confused what should I do, because I don’t know this is real Iburof or not, but in this letter she will end her life if I ignore this letter, but I think you need more rest today.” I talk to Ivan on the way to his house, “Yeah, same like me, you know, we just take a case about murdering, right? But why she said she needs your help? Something is wrong here,” says Ivan. Finally we arrive at Ivan’s house and before I leave his house I tell him just to ignore the letter, and I go back home after that. For hours I still ignore this letter, but I don’t know why I still think about this letter and make me so curious, but finally I put that letter in my bed and I go to sleep. The next day, earlier in the morning, I wake up earlier than yesterday or another day, and I take the letter in my bed and think, “I’ll wait for your answer within a week”, a week? She said a week it means 7 days, and this is the second day since we got that letter, what will happen if I ignore this letter until 7 days? But suddenly I smell stink from my house. Damn!!!! What is this smell?! I think I already take a bath 2 days ago, but I think this smell not from my body, let’s find out where this smell is coming from. I find the smell in all of my house part, but I found nothing. And when I open my front door, I am so shocked there is a dead body without his head, and I call Ivan and police to come to my house. Finally Ivan come first and I tell him what happened here and Ivan tell me let’s check the body before the cops coming, and Ivan so surprised when he got a paper with envelope, it is the second letter!! And it is saying “It is already the second day, if you still ignore me, not only me will end the life, but more than me!!!” “She is not joking us, JB. I mean, look at that body, it proves us that she is serious about that letter, let’s find her and call the number in that letter; we will meet here after the police take the body, JB.” Ivan tell me what should we do next, with serious face, and the cops come check the body and I tell to the police what happened here but not with the letter. After the police go, we talk about the girl “Iburof”, “What she wants from us, what happened, let’s call the number in the letter.” says Ivan. Finally, I call the number in that letter, and when someone answer the call, I just heard a little sound of girl and she said “Royal Streets Block C No 45” and she hang up my phone, “Geez, it is so damn!!!, Why she makes us in this position, it makes us more confused who Ibuof is, is it Iburof or what??? And now she just said “Royal Streets Block C No 45” what does that mean?” “We think the same thing, let’s find Iburof, as a detective, J.” So in that day we find and collect the data about Iburof, but we got nothing except a clue from the girl on the phone. We take a break in a mini market and I tell Ivan “Let’s find from first clue Ivan, Royal Streets Block C No 45, I think I know that road, it’s close to your house, right? About 25 minutes from here, let’s find it tomorrow because it is already night, and I think I need to go to toilet first, wait here for a while.” Ivan waits for me and then he says there is something that he must do before going home, “Our boss said to report the accident that happened today, and he wants the report now, so I must go back to the office and give the report, are you coming with me?” “Oh geez, now? I am so tired, and I need more information about Royal Streets Block C No 45, how about you tell the report and I will find the information about that street, and we will meet later tomorrow in your house?” I asked and he agrees. Finally, I go home with taxi and Ivan back to the office with taxi, before he left me he said, “I think we need cops to help us, J.” At home I find so much information about Royal Streets Block C No 45, and I will tell Ivan tomorrow.
In the morning, when I go to Ivan’s house, I am so surprised that Ivan’s car is crashed and his arm is broken, “Hey man, what is going on? Tell me!” ask me to Ivan, “Last night I tell you to give the report to our boss, right? Remember the last word I told you? I think we need cops, right? And on the way to our office I saw dead body behind my chair and that is made me shock and I try to use my brake but it doesn’t work and I hit a tree in front of me. I am okay, but I can’t use my arm for a while, and you know, I got the third letter in the dead body in my car, and it says “I TELL YOU, DON’T TELL THE COPS, IVAN BURNER RUMANOFF.” “F*CK!!! It is far too much, SHE IS PSYCHO!!! I will find her and I will make her pay for this!” “Hey, stop!! We will find it together. Do you think you can find her and I do nothing here?! Even she knows my full name!” Ivan tries to stop me, “Okay, but don’t push yourself, so let’s start from Royal Streets Block C No 45, let me drive you.” I tell Ivan.
The fifth day, morning 8 o’clock, so when I ride the car; I ‘m thinking what happened to Iburof, is she really rap*d by her uncle? Or is there any problem with her mind? And finally, we arrive at Royal Streets, but for 8 hours we can’t found where the hell Block C No 45 is and we try to ask people, but they don’t know and said there is no block C No 45. We search that f*ckin’ block until night. At night, we find hotel and sleep there, hotel in Royal Street and still search for the information. We can’t sleep in the night and still think about where Block C No 45 is. And suddenly, we hear a woman screaming beside our room, and there is a girl standing in front of a window. People try to tell her to get down from the window, because now we are in the 3rd floor, she tries to end her life by suicide and she holds a book in her hand. And when she looks at Ivan, she said, “This is a little piece of the heaven.” and then she jump from the window and she died by suicide. We call the police and identify the girl. She is a prisoner and police searched her for 5 days. It is already 06:32 and this is the sixth day, but we can’t find where Block C No 45. Because of this accident, we need more time to finish this case, but we take the book from that girl, The title is “History of Greenwich”, “It is so strange, right? Why she holds a book about history and then choose to die by suicide?” ask me to Ivan, “Don’t ask me, J. Let’s back to the hotel and read that book.” In the hotel, we try to analyze it for 5 hours. Finally, we get the information from that book, “J, look at this, twenty years ago, there are 6 blocks in Royal Streets, which is Block A until Block F. But in 2001, name of Block C is changed, and from 2001 people know Block C with name ‘Knife Palace Streets’.” From that statement, we search that street in our laptop, and we find it. “Tomorrow will be the seventh or the last day from that letter. We must find Iburof and ask everything about what the f*ck is happened. But, we need to rest first and, your arm will better tomorrow.” I tell Ivan and he agrees with me, and then we take a rest.
Wednesday 24th September 2016, it is the seventh days from Iburof send us the Letter, and today will be the last day, and we try to find Iburof and ask everything that already happened before she ends her life, and we got nothing if she do that. 06:32 A.M, we go to the Royal Streets Block C No 45, but now it is The Knife Palace Streets and we found it. We go to the house no 45 but it is so quiet, no people here, and in the house number 45 we try to find where she is. But the house is so strange, the front door is unlocked, and we open the door, we smell disgusting thing when we entered the house. We found a dead body in the floor, it is a male body with broken face, and there is a piece of paper in his uncompleted fingers and a knife stabbed in his bloody head. We try to read the letter, “This is the man who rap*d me. You are late, and there is a number in the knife.” September 25th 2014, and I put it down, and suddenly the sky changes become gloomy and the rain falls from the sky, “We must finish this case as soon as possible.” says Ivan, “Yeah, I will finish this soon.” I answer. We hear a little sound from the bedroom, and Ivan goes to that bedroom and checks it. Ivan try to find from where that sound is, he hears footsteps approaching him, but he can’t find it, and suddenly a girl stabbed Ivan from back with a long- pointed iron pipe until it reaches his stomach. Ivan stuck in the wall and he can’t move his body. The blood comes out from his stomach like water spilled into the floor, when he sees the girl face, Ivan shocked, “HELP!! JONATHAN, HELP ME!!!” Ivan yelled with blood out from his mouth, “Help you? MWAHAHAHAHA !!!!!, I am waiting for this moment, you piece of sh*t!!! I think you already met my sister minutes ago, right??, Yes, Diana!!! You know her, right?? I arrange this plan for 2 years, and you are right, you were my neighbor 4 years ago, and you like my sister, right? You try to get her, but she doesn’t like you, you depressed and on Saturday, September 25th 2014, you F*CKIN RAP* MY F*CKIN SISTER!!!! And you try to kill her!!! You think she died, and because you work at police office, the police said it is because an accident, but actually you try to kill her. But one thing you should know, my sister did not die, yet. She told me you rap*d her and tried to take her life. From that day, I have revenge with you, because my sister is EVERYTHING for me!!! I try to get work in this f*ckin’ police office and I got it. Well let me tell you something, I give you some clues but you didn’t realize that, first, remember when you invite me to drink coffee together? And I tell you to go home first, and I came late in the morning. And you know when you went back to home; I went to our office to put that “Letter” in my desk, so that is why I tell you to go first, MWAHAHAHAHA!!! That was the beginning of my astonishing plan. Second, remember when I call you and there was a dead body in front of my DOOR? Actually, my sister killed him and took the body there, and she put the letter in that body. But YOU!!!! You didn’t realize that, RIGHT? And then remember when we were in the minimarket??? And you crashed?? When I said to you I go to bathroom for awhile, actually I went to the parking lot and broke your brake, DUDE!!! And I act like I know nothing!!! And then remember when a girl jumped from the window in the hotel? Before we go to the hotel, I met her, and I said you will catch her if you meet her, and before that I ask my sister to kill her if she doesn’t hold the book, so that is why she was screaming in her room, and the last clue is, the knife on his head, look at the knife. It says September 25th 2014, on that day you f*ckin rap*d my sister. MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! You know it is simple clue, right, look at you, dying and waiting for your death time, and I know, why you are so friendly with me, because of my sister, RIGHT!!! And you now, the sender in the letter is Iburof, right? it means ‘Ivan BUrner RumanOFf’ F*CK, ARE YOU DUMB?!! You don’t even realize that, you DUMB F*CK!!! But now it is done, my sister will kill you with this knife. But let me ask you a question, do you like rain? I like rain, because when rain falls from the sky, you can only hear the sound of the rain, like the pain, and the sadness flow with this rain. I ever said to you, I hate everything about murdering, even sometimes I hate myself, and now I hate myself. But don’t worries, I already call the cops to take me into the jail, because I killed you. And now, your time is coming. Goodbye, ‘my friend’… “N-nn-nooo… p-please… s-s-spare me…” “Kill him”… and then she kill him…

Greenwich, Thursday 25th September 2016, it is rainy day, the rain falling from the sky and washed the streets. I only hear the sound of the rain with swinging tree ‘cause of the wind, the cold shivering into the body and from far away I can see the people running find the place for sheltering, thinking from my prison window, when we leave this world, can we leave like the rain? peace, you can’t hear the sadness, the pain and people see you as good thing.

Who am I, nobody know right now
I feel time just passing by
Now, there is a hope
Will I rise in my way?


Hi there!!, I hope you enjoyed my story, I got the idea for this story after my aunt passed away, yeah so that is why in this story I try to express my feeling with story, by the way, I really like rain like I tell earlier in the story “I like rain, because when rain falls from the sky, you can only hear the sound of the rain, like the pain, and the sadness flow with this rain” , if you have any comment or suggestion you can contact me with e-mail in my bio, I am waiting for your comment, and suggestion, well, thanks for read my story see you again.

“Don’t waiting for hope, but create it”
Andreas Agung

Cerpen Karangan: Andreas Agung Dwiatma
Blog: andreasagungstories.blogspot.co.id

NAME: Andreas Agung
PLACE, DATE OF BIRTH: Sirih Sekapur, December 25th 1995
AGES: 20 years old
HEIGHT: 171 cm
HOBBY: Futsal, Wroting stories
E-MAIL: aagung502[-at-]yahoo.com
SOCIAL MEDIA: Fb: Andreas Agung

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  1. Namiya Kyuuta says:

    Hi there ! Mr. Agung , I like ur story , it is so good … 5 stars for u …
    It is smart to think all about the suicide and murdering , really u so smart. Can u please teach me how to make some stories like u do ?

  2. kiky says:

    hi Mr.Agung, your story so impress, i’m so exited with your story. good job!!! 🙂

  3. citra says:

    f*ckin love this story!!!!

  4. Miduk says:

    Oh God, could I understood the english language fluently like him (mr. Agung) ?

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