Like Salt and Onions (Part 2)

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“You said goodbye to me, wished for my success, and left,” he continued. “But, your smile and your eyes were like… you were telling me something that I couldn’t understand. I felt like it wasn’t a goodbye that ended up well. It was a sad goodbye. It did make a pain inside my heart, but I didn’t know why…”

I looked down to my feet then. As what I thought, it would be a melancholy.

“And sometimes, I thought that you had been liking me, until the time we part,” he said.

“But, that is impossible, right? We may had our time when we were so close like close friends, but it was only because we had a same business… And I know you well. You’re an idealist, and it would be a great humor if you are falling for me.”

He ended up by laughing emptily and sighing heavily. I looked at him. He was facing to the sky. At that point, I drew something into my mind.

He doesn’t know one thing…

“Well,” I tried to speak, at least I hoped that our conversation hadn’t got awkward. “Girls are always like that, you know? We like to be unpredictable. You just don’t know about that.”

“Really?” he asked, then stared at me with his right eyebrow lifted.

“Yes,” I answered surely. However, I hid something inside my heart. “I wish he wasn’t suspicious…”

“To all men?” he asked again.

“That’s right.”

“And you do?”

“Yeah… just call it like that.”


My sweat dropped. His unstoppable question were really tiring. Seriously, I would had slapped his face if I could.

“Because I want to,” I answered carelessly. “Satisfied?”

“Well, then… Well, then…” he said with an uneasy laughter. “Can you remove that sour face, please?”

“Then, stop asking something too deep,” I answered.

“Nah, that’s good for you,” he said. “You look prettier if you smile, you know?”

“Pin it!” I said. His habit showed up. And he laughed for that.

“Well, do you know,” he said again. His mischievous smile was drawn on his lips. “You may still be the same, but at the same time, you look more beautiful than the last time we met.”

“You’re just teasing, right?” I replied, tried not to care about his words.

“I’m serious!” he said. He then pulled his back and stared at my face with more intensive sight. “You should be glad that I still recognize you.”

“What do you mean?!” I exclaimed. His stare gave an electroshock into my chest. A big denial occurred inside my body. And I could feel my face getting hot.

“Mostly, women are changing when there’s something with their faces,” he said again with a deepen voice. “I have so much experience about me don’t recognize my friends because something changing with their face. But, you’re not. You’re changing, you are more beautiful, but you’re still the same in my eyes. Isn’t it magic?”

“I can’t understand with your words…” I mumbled and shook my head. My fluttering heart went wild. For that, I tried to ignore his eyes as hard as I could.

“Are you getting shy?” he said again. At that time, I could hear his voice was in extreme joy, and I knew why. “Maybe this is why you—”

“GET AWAAAYYY!!!” I shouted. I couldn’t bear anymore. And, instantly, I waved my hands. I thought that there was nothing near my left hand, but surprisingly I could feel I hit something. Hardly.

And, in no time, I heard him screaming in agony, added by something falling onto the ground. It was a cracking voice.

“I’m so sorry for your face…” I apologized to him with a huge regret. “And your glasses, too…”

“Never mind,” he said with a light smile, his right hand was rubbing his right cheek. “Luckily, I’ve got two pairs.”

“You’re not lying, are you?” I said, still in my concern. Yeah, his glasses were already inside a trash bin, so there was nothing framing his wide minus eyes. “You used to say that you were okay, while actually you weren’t.”

“I’m not lying,” he said. “I’ve got one left in my flat. Don’t worry too much.”

“Well, then…” I said. Suddenly, an awkward feeling crept out after hearing him replying my words like that. “I’m just trying to make sure.”

“Alright…” he replied.
For some seconds, the atmosphere went cold. It was already afternoon. We weren’t in park any longer, but in front of my door. I would like to invite him in, but I knew that I wasn’t able to.

“So… You still remember your way to your flat, right?” I asked, knowing that he wasn’t moving, too.

“Of course, I do,” he answered with an instance laugh. “My brain is abiding my age, you know?”

“Yes… I know that you’re 31 this year,” I said with a teasing voice.

“Don’t mention my age please!” he exclaimed. His face were blushed. “And I know that you’re 3 years younger than me!”

“Well, we’re growing old together,” I said jokingly, trying to calm him down. “Don’t be so angry…”

He just poked the peak of my headscarf as the answer with a sour grin, and I joyfully laughed.

“You are really something,” he murmured.

“I’m not a thing,” I was still teasing. It was quite fun, finally after a long time. “I’m a person.”

“I don’t care,” he said while stuck his tongue out. I just laughed at his funny expression.

“Okay, I think I’ve gotta go now…” he said. “There are so many things I have to do.”

“Alright, Mr. Busy,” I replied. “But, if you feel you need to buy a new glasses, just text or call me. I’ve given my number in your phone.”

“Ah! Really?” he exclaimed, then quickly checked his phone. “Uhm… that’s it… Wait! You aren’t checking my picts here, are you?!”

I laughed instantly after I saw his panic expression. Undeniably, his face was so comical. “Don’t worry! I won’t do that! Who am I, do you think?”

But, in instance too, I felt something bitter came into my throat. Yes, who am I in his life? It was getting more bitter after I recalled that he was 31. It wasn’t impossible if he already got married.

“Liah? Are you okay?”

I was jumped in shock. The bitterness I got had taken me into a daydream that I just realized. Shortly, I saw his stern face looking at me.

“Ah… Sorry…” I quickly answered while tried to hide my miserable mind. “I just… suddenly feel dizzy.”

“Oh?” he suddenly exclaimed. “Should we go to a doctor? No wonder you look so pale!”

“No, I’m okay…” I said. “A glass of water or two would make me feel better. Don’t worry!”

“Are you sure?” he asked. His eyes were staring at mine with an unbelieving sight. “You used to ignore your own condition, while you’re worrying about so many things else.”

“I’m sure, believe me,” I said. His sight made me feel more miserable, though. “And now you better go to your flat. You said that you have so many things to do.”

“But I have to make sure that you’re okay,” He said strongly. He took a step forward, and suddenly put his hands on my cheeks while looked at my face intensively. Surely, what he did shocked me.

“Well, I think you’re okay,” he said after he kept staring at me for a moment. A slight smile of relief was formed on his face. He then took his step and his hands back. “Okay, then. I go. Thank you for the walk!”

I smiled back at him, and watched him walking away.

“Go strictly to your flat, or your wive will be waiting!” I shouted a little joke after he was meters away. It was a bitter joke. At least, I wanted to make a normal friendship with him.

Hearing me, he turned his back and stopped his steps. “Eh? Since when do I have a wife?”

“Eh?!” I jumped in surprise.

“Or… do you want to be my wife?” he asked. His initial mischievous smile was coming back to his face. “We have come of age, you know? And I think you’re—“

I instantly lift my left foot and prepared my hand to take my shoe. Therefore, he ran away quickly. His childish laughter echoed in the aisle. And in no time, he was swallowed by the turning ally.

I put my left foot back to the ground and stared the empty ally with a light feeling. I recalled his words after my joke. It was clear. He wasn’t got married yet.

“If only your proposal was a serious one…” I sighed, and then walked into my flat. I leaned my back on the door after I closed it and placed my hands right on my heartbeat. I could feel my heart beating so hard. I recalled his face, and it got harder. I recalled his last words, and it got even harder.

I sighed again. A single drop or tears was flowing down to my cheek as I realized the bittersweet that bit my heart by the time.

“You said that I’m still the same,” I said to myself as if he was really standing next to me. “Yet, the thing that you don’t know isn’t changing too. I’ve been loving you, and I still do…”

I was still on my place. I drew his face inside my mind with a little hope, like what I had done in the past.

“How I wish…” I whispered. More tears were flowing down as I lay my head down. Instantly, the old advice of my parents popped up. And, in no time, I put it as the soul of my prayer. Like salt and onions…

“… inside a same house, you would be my future…”

Cerpen Karangan: Lisa T
An amateur story writer in scattered mind while trying to focus on what she tries to achieve

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