Love You Thousand Times

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The sun shone brightly. The birds chirped happily. Every body was busy with their activities. So did Dinda.
That morning she went to a beautiful park near her house. A park where she usually spend her spare time for a few months before.

After her boy friend leave her away, she became depressed and live in sorrow. Then someone came to her life. Brought a happiness. They became good friends although they never meet before. They communicated by phone. They motivated each others. They have many similarities and so on. Dinda was very happy. She could forget her sorrow. But unpredictable thing happened. There was a small dispute among them. They lost contact. Dinda was sad, but she promised herself that she’ never let her down.

At the park, Dinda sat on the bench under a big tree. “hmmm it’s very shady” she whispered.
Dinda took out something from her bag. A cute book in purple cover. She loves purple color very much.
As usual, she wrote something in it. What’s that? only Dinda knew it.
Dreet.. dreett.. dreett.. her hand phone vibrated. She starled. She could believe it. Someone who has gone for a long time phoned her. Her hand trembled. She spoke nervously.
For a few minutes Dinda looked happy, she smiled many times, but it was not long, her face looked sad any more.
She put her handphone in the bag. she sat in empty view. She did not realize a man looked at her from another bench.

The days run quickly. That afternoon Dinda received a message from a new number.
“Please go to the park tomorrow morning at nine, don’t ask who I am, you will know later. Please go to there alone.”
That night Dinda could not sleep. She thought who has sent the message. What would happen tomorrow? Went or not? Dinda became doubt.

Morning come brightly. She decided to go to the park alone. She sat on her favorite bench. She looked around. There was no something strange. It’s as usual.
Suddenly a boy stood in front of her.
“sista”, would you be my best friend forever?” he gave her a tulip flower. Dinda’s favorite flower.
Dinda shocked. “pardon me?” she said.
“would you be my best friend forever?”.
Dinda speechless. She remembered someone who ever say it to her. Someone who she loved. But he was gone. Dinda became sad. She did not realize the boy was gone, even she did not ask his name yet.
It’s not far from Dinda’s bench, there was a man in blue shirt, but she could see his face. He humped look for something on the ground.

Dinda looked at him for a few minutes. The man still busy looked for something. Then Dinda came to him, she wanted to help him.
“Excuse me Sir, what are you doing here?”
“May I help you?”
The man up his head. He smiled to her.
Dinda was very shock. She looked at him without flicker. She could not believe it. He was like someone who she knew for years before. She just saw him from his photos. Someone who never she saw before, but she loved him so much.
The man stood up, he took out something from his pocket. It was a ring in purple box.
“Would you marry me and be my best friend forever?” the man said with his sweet smile.
Dinda speechless. she could not hold her tear. She just nodded her head. She was so happy.
Actually the man has came to Dinda’s hometown for a month ago. He followed Dinda when she out home. He wanted give a surprise for his beloved woman. He proved his love.

Dinda thanks to Allah who had answer her prayer. She married with someone who she love so much.
Be patient, ask to Allah for everything.
Never lose hope. Never lose faith.

Semoga kalian suka.

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    This story is very intersting for me , I read it until finish or till the end

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