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Mr. Adam was a rich man. He has a lot of money and some factories. He lived only with his son named Rico. One day, Mr. Adam suffered a heart attack and had to be hospitalized. “My son, I am very lonely. I miss your Mom.” Rico was very sad to see him like that. “My son, look for pretty girls, good and very poor. Bring her to me.” Said Mr. Adam. Because Mr. Adam’s wife had died some years ago. Rico immediately went to look for the girl. Rico was a man aged 27 years. He wondered why his father want to marriage again. He was very old. Should to marriage was Rico. During his life time Rico could just have fun. Spend the money and buy women.

That night, Rico went to the cafe to have some fun. There were many pretty girls. Suddenly there was an incident that make people shocked. There was a man who wanted to try committed suicide by injuring his hand. Many of the blood flowing and the man were dying. But there was a girl who helped him. After the incident, Rico came to the girl. “You’re just a waitress but why do you help him? I see you like a doctor.” The girl just smiled at Rico. Rico remembered what her father when he saw the girl.”You are the girl who my father told about. You are beautiful and nice girl.” Said Rico.

“What do you mean?” Asked the girl. “You do not need to be a waitress. Marry with my father. He’s very rich.” Said Rico. The girl was very angry. “I am very poor. But I will not sell myself just for money. I never want to marry with your father. You’re a very haughty.” On the next day, Rico met again with the girl in a night club. “So, you’re the girl that I already pay to sleep with me?” She was surprised to saw Rico. He told Rico that she desperately needed money. “I do not believe you like this. I thought you are a good girl.”

“I am poor. But I want to help others. I had to continue my study. And make my mother proud.”
“It turns out you’re too stupid. If you’re a good girl you must understand a sin. If you will marry with my father and could get a lot of money. I think it will not make you to committed sin.”
“I’m 25 years old is too young to be married with your father. He might be very old.”
“You’re also an haughty girl. So, which one would you choose?”
“You’re Father.”
“I will not sleep with you. Come with me to visit my father!”

Rico took her to the hospital to see his father. On the way, they talk a lot. “I don’t know your name.” Said Rico. “I’m Shinta. I think you aren’t good man. Why would you do that for your father?and why don’t you do that for yourself?”
“Because I love him so much. Nothing is more important in the world than my father. I want to see him happy. I’m not a good man but I still have a conscience. So, why do you do bad things?”

“I should be able to become a doctor. My parents are very poor. I get scholarship for 3 years. I have to struggle for one year. I must do to finance my exams.”
“Are you a prospective doctor? Very impressive. You’re beautiful, kind and intelligent. If in the world there is a one woman other like you, then I will marry her.”
Shinta laughed at Rico. They arrived at the hospital. Shinta and Rico met Mr. Adam.

“Dad, here Siti Nurbaya. I found her for you.”
“What? Siti Nurbaya? what do you mean?” asked Shinta.
“Siti Nurbaya is a poor girl who marry with a rich old man.”
“Don’t compare me with Siti Nurbaya, Rico.”
Mr. Adam laughed toward their conversation. “You are seem so close. Rico, do you love her?” Asked Mr. Adam.

“But Shinta is for you.”
“Do you think I’m going to marry with Shinta? You always choose what you like, Rico. You’ll love her. Your father is old and may not to marry again. You will be married Shinta. You will have a children so I will not be lonely if I’m at home. I hope You can be a good man, Rico.” Rico and Shinta were very happy. Because Shinta also loved Rico. Finally, they married and Shinta became a doctor.

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