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Love is a mysterious thing, from its mysterious nature that makes a love interest. Not for some people but for everyone. There are many taste of love, love is about happy, sad, proud, burden, afraid, or even disappointed. But love give us a strenght to face the problem. According to Fora love is a secret, Fora is a teenage girl in high school, she was the girl who is known by teachers, peers. and juniors. This is because Fora is famous enough in school because she is smart.

Such as her age, she is also often imagine things about romance life, of course this is a common thing for her age. Fora do not have a very close female friend, she has a lot but not close, only classmates. However, during school recess Fora tend to hang out with boys in her class, to the cafeteria together, talked together, and so on.

It is more fun than with the girls. Girls always discuss are boring things like telling about their boyfriends, how it makes them happy and sad. Inwardly she said, “I don’t have reason to join with them, I do not have a story that should be shared and only being a loyal listener.” It’s not because there are no one like her but because she don’t want to date for now.

She is close with a guy when class 10, the guy just like a stalker, that guy was told LOVE to Fora but Fora not give an answer not because they do not like it but because they feel it is not the time for her dating and there are someone Fora really feel hooked on. On the other hand, a senior who crush on her, the senior say he like Fora in front of everyone, it’s making Fora feel embarrassed to seniors. Fora do not want to make people think that she take advantage of the situation by dating a senior, wisely Fora rejected.

Fora, “Ryan, did you see Jake? I was wondering, I didn’t see him since the last class.”
Ryan, “he said that he want to help his friend moving here, I think you know him, because he was your junior high school friend.”
Inwardly Fora said, “Gosh, it is possible that what Ryan means is Nathan? So it’s true when Jake said that Nathan will moved here.”

After hearing it Fora started flashback with her past memory, when in junior high school, there is a guy. Fora really crush on him and under his spell. Actually, she used to keep a sense of that guy, but after graduating from junior high school that guy were moved outside of town and schools there, over time Fora began to forget that guy.

Nathan is a guy who admired by Fora, secretly harboring a sense of him since junior high school, they are also often exchanged greetings and he also treats Fora well. Because Fora tends to hang out with a man, Fora never tell her feelings to him. Fora only write poems to him not to include the name and put it in the desk drawer. And it is probably still a mystery for Nathan.

For the first time I send him a love letter, I see his reaction when reading the letter. But, he just smiling, maybe on his mind it’s just the act of prankster. But one that certainly I know he kept the letter in his pocket, is this a sign of hope for me? Time passed day by day, I sent a poem in the form of a letter is not every day, afraid that he was really disturbed by what I had done to him. But one day when I’m really sad, disappointed and angry, he loves another girl. My heart was broken, with all my attempt to get his heart, it’s all wasted. So, I stop send him letter again.

That’s the last memory that I remember with him, but now he is back and this feel is show up again. I see him go to my class with Jake beside him, whether he might join the same class with me? That’s the question that arises in my mind as if worried but wanted it really happened. Nathan greeted us with a warm smile, I felt the aura of awkward flowing in each circulation of blood in my body.

So, I just say “hey, long time not see you.” I thought he will forget me, but it’s not. He still remember me and said, “You never change, still cheerful. But, more beautiful” while giving a warm smile. I just smile and feel flattery. Nathan, “Emm, because I was new on this school would you help me in the classroom?
“Of course, I’m quite an expert in all subjects, do not hesitate to ask me.” Rang the bell admission requires that all students enter the classroom, at the same time teacher coming into the room. Teacher, “Okay kids, today we arrival transfer student, please help him in classes, well Nathan you can sit there,” pointing to the empty seat in the back.

School was over, all the students as the flock ran out of hard to express the feeling like being released from prison, immediately also Nathan approached Fora.
Nathan, “You want to go home together? I ride a motorcycle.” With a shy expression Fora replied, “no, I can use public transport,”

“you do not have to worry, I just want to know where your house, if I had trouble doing tasks I can ask you, Just you and Jake that I know in this school, come on.”
In a tone of forced Fora replied, “Well, then.” Actually Fora would be so wanted to be escorted by Nathan it can be the opportunity for Fora. Fora indescribable feeling happy, surprised, and worried all of this feel mixed.

The weeks have passed, Fora and Nathan getting closer, today during school breaks, Nathan approached Fora but with a different face than before.
“Fora, I want to ask you something,”
“what was that?”
“well, I’m sorry before are you give my phone number with other people?”

Fora was surprise and replied. “it wasn’t me, why do you think I did?”
“Sorry before, I do not mean to accuse you, but I got a text from a friend Sally our classmate and she was quite disturbed me.”
“well, I will talk to Sally kindly to stop bothering you again.”
“thank you for your caring.”

The bell is ringing, and not so long after that the teacher come. “Oke kids, today I will give you an exercise. This exercise is too hard if you do it by yourself, so I will ask you to did this exercise in pair.” all the names of the students have been divided consisting of two people until it comes time Nathan names mentioned. “Nathan you better paired with Fora because you are still new students so Fora can guide you in this task, Fora! Guided your friend well.”

Teachers give quite long time for students to complete this task is 1 month old, in that time a lot of things that passed by Fora and Nathan, they are so often met to discuss the paper they make, Fora has a strong character while Nathan always accept decisions taken by Fora but this is what makes them closer and not infrequently were alone in a room that makes them cause a sense of its own interest.

On that day it was their last week to collect duty, so Fora and Nathan have to finish their written work, Fora busy with her laptop while Nathan must compile the data that they have earned. But that day was very different, quietly Nathan staring Fora with a look full of meaning and actually Fora aware of the gaze but she trying to stay serious with her laptop, they disturbed by the sound of things, Fora then looked away immediately Nathan approached her face, as Fora turned her face back to Nathan.

Unexpectedly, their lips met instantly make both of them is shocked. “I’m sorry, I did not do it on purpose,” with a flushed face Fora trying to answer, “it’s okay.” The atmosphere is really awkward in that room until the completion of finish their writing without any words out. With hoarse voice, Fora ventured to speak out, “I’ve finished it done, now we can leave and deposited to the teachers.” still in the awkward atmosphere Nathan replied, “Okay, after that I can restore you home.” Until the return trip it’s still feels awkward atmosphere, what they want to do is just arrived at the destination and can vent their emotions.

Is this real? while imagining what happened Fora try to remain logical thinking. “The incident was not intentional, I should not think that is absurd, how could he intends to kiss me. Arghh … I even hesitate to say it.”

The next day at school, they collect duties scientific papers and the teacher was agreed then seal it with a signature. “Ultimately our job is finished,” seemingly the awkward feeling is missing.
“how about we go to a place to celebrate it we can invite another friends, what do you think?” Fora nodded in agreement with Nathan opinion.

“Guys, I have an idea, what if we are visit a certain place to refresh our minds to celebrate our success in completing the task of scientific papers, what do you think?” all classmates seemed to agree with Nathan they decided to go to one of the place in the town, they prepare everything necessary such as preparing food that will be taken later, after they were already they headed to the heading location.

“Well, it’s been a long time I didn’t visit this place it was great can back here not much has changed,” Fora just nodded his acquiescence with Nathan. Everyone prepares the necessary things, the girls prepare the food, and the boys preparing firewood to roasted chicken. All of them are taking turn to roast the chicken because no one is able to survive long to be near the smoke. Fora get shift roast the chicken, then Nathan come up to help her.

“let me help yah!” Fora nodded in agreement.
With a voice that little stutters Nathan trying to say something, “I want to tell you something.”
Fora that serious with the chicken just answer, “what is it? Just tell me!”

Suddenly Jake came make Nathan postpone what he want to say, ” how the chicken has been cooked yet?” Jake’s eyes looked toward the chicken like he want to immediately eat it and put all the chicken into his belly fat. Fora, “Yaa I think this has been done, bring the plate,” what want Nathan say was dissapear as it covered with chicken aroma. Everyone ate the chicken with relish, Fora sitting beside Nathan asked back to Nathan’s question, “oh yeah, what did you want to say?” As if he had no appetite to ask again Nathan tries to avoid, “nothing, just forget it.”

That day was so tired for everyone but very exciting, all of them decided to come home and rest respectively. However, there is something that still bothers Nathan he had no time to pull out his heart to Fora, it was so bothered him and seemed like he want top of his lungs, he has a different feeling to Fora since he moved school and even more when tasks given by the teacher and make them become closer and a brief kiss makes him always imagined.

“Would I like Fora? This feeling was so strong, I feel overwhelmed if I do not say this to her. But, what if she does not like me and will actually stay away. But, if I do not say it, I will continue to live with a sense of curiosity. Well I decided to tell her, though the results are not what I would expect at least I’ve tried.”

The next day when the schools broke up Nathan has gathered all the courage to tell his feelings to Fora, and slowly approached her, “do you have time? I want to tell you something” Fora nodded as if curious about what this guy want to say. With a deep eyes Nathan trying to grab Fora’s hand and tried to show his feelings. “I always think of this every night and tried to ignore it, but it’s this feeling is more powerfull after this maybe you will ignore me but at least I have tried, and here I am with my true feelings … A -I love you …”

“I tried to turn away and say this is not true but the more I reject the more this sense I feel, this is all because of that smile, because that gaze, because of that eyes.” Fora was so shocked to hear that, she unable to speak. “A-I’m confused by what you say” suddenly Nathan interrupted, “you do not have to answer now, we still have a lot of time, but please do not hate me because of this.”

Fora passed leaving Ikram in the classroom, being chaotic because Nathan statement, she did not expect that Nathan was a secret admirer of Fora and now she has a chance, but she cannot produce the words out of her mouth, it was stuck in her throat. But for a moment she thought, what else is she waiting for? Clearly Nathan has been declared and is not necessarily able to bring events like that happen again, then Fora stunned and think for a moment. She felt compelled to return to class said she felt the same feeling, and fortunately Nathan still in the classroom looks moody there.

“Hey stupid man!” The voice instantly makes Nathan surprised, “why did you just say it now? I already waited so long for you to telling me your heart feel.” With the bewildered face Nathan wondering, “what do you mean?” With twinkled eyes Fora approaching Nathan and take a deep breath trying to answer.
“I like you too, since the first time we met and it’s never changes.” with a smile Nathan approached Fora and give her a kiss and Fora respond the kiss, and it ended with a soft and long kiss, and become the first kiss for both of them.

Cerpen Karangan: A. Tenri Fani Furgaeni
Facebook: Andi Tenri Fani Furgaeni
Mahasiswa Univ. Cokroaminoto Palopo

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