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Shysie was listening to the music when her mother knocked the door. She did not open it because she did not know that her mother was there, stood in front of her room and knocked the door. The music was too loud; she did it intentionally. Her mother yelled telling Shysie about Shysie’s grandmother’s birthday. Five, ten, fifteen minutes, the door was not opened; she said good night and walked away.

It was morning, she opened the window, and again, the door was knocked. Five, ten, “click”, the door was opened. Her mother smiled and gave her breakfast. It was seven o’clock, and it was raining when she had to go to the school. Her mother gave her an umbrella; she pretended to not see it and ran. The rain was not only happened in the morning, but it continued until the night came, inside a room, inside an old woman’s heart. This old woman’s husband stayed beside her until the rain stopped, until he could see his wife’s smiling.

It was a sunny Sunday morning. My mother was baking a chocolate cake; I could smell it from my room. I did not want to help her. I would make everything wrong, and she would mad at me; moreover, there was my father who helped her. I knew it; I just knew it. Today, at ten o’clock, she said that she would come to my house, my school friend, Vesta. We would discuss about our next trip on summer holiday. I was so excited for this trip because this would become my first trip without my family.

Finally, Vesta came. It was twelve o’clock. I did not mad. I could understand her as she always understands me. We had a great time, discussing, talking, and sharing about everything, and of course we talked about the trip. Vesta went home at night. It was seven thirty when she left my house, and before she left, she gave me a necklace, a very simple necklace. It was not a pearl or diamond pendant on it. It was only a small triangle wood pendant, but I liked it.

She was mad at her teenage daughter, for she ate the chocolate cake. The delicious chocolate cake was made for celebrating her mother’s mother, Shysie’s grandmother, on the next day. Shysie did not know about it, so she did not feel sorry.

“You can make another chocolate cake, right. It’s stupid, you mad at..”
“I know it’s stupid. I will make another. You don’t have to help me now, George. Just go to sleep. You have to work tomorrow. Shysie, you can have this cake, it’s yours now,” her mother smiled.
“Thanks. I’ll take some for my friend at school. Next time, you should tell me about grandma’s birthday and her cake,” Shysie left her parents and went to her bedroom immediately.
“I’d told her, George. I’d told her on that night,” her mother felt guilty.

I did not know about my grandma’s birthday. Why did they tell me about this? I could buy a gift for my grandma, and I would not eat that cake if I knew it, so that woman did not have to make it twice. Everything would be better if I am alone or maybe if I… No no no, do not ever think about that Shysie, DO NOT. Tomorrow would be better than today.

The next morning, Shysie woke up. This morning, she did not hear any knocking at the door. Five, ten, fifteen, and even thirty minutes she waited for the knocking sound at the door, but it still quiet, and she did not really care about this. It was raining, but there was no one who gave her an umbrella. Where is she? Where is her husband?
At school, Shysie looked for Vesta at her class; they were in a different class, but… Where is Vesta?
“Hey, do you know where Vesta is?” Shysie asked one of Vesta’s classmates.
“Vesta? Who is she? Maybe you are in the wrong class,” he answered.

“Mr. Abraham, do you know where Vesta is? Because I have looked for her in her class but her friends answer me with a.. Nothing. So, is she sick?” Shysie asked Vesta’s teacher.
“Vesta? There is no student with that name on my class, and in this school too nowadays. But, if you are looking for a student in 1980, maybe you will find that name, Vesta is my classmate when I was a student in this school,” he answered. What? “Oh. O-mmm-okay, thank you, sir,” Shysie was shocked and confused.

“Mom! Dad! I have something to talk. Mom! Dad! Where are you? You have to be ready for grandma’s birthday,”
“Looking for someone?”
Shysie was shocked when she looked Vesta in the kitchen.
“Who are you?” Shysie asked.
“I’m Vesta of course, you know me well. Do you like the necklace?” Vesta asked Shysie and walked toward her.
“It’s pretty. I like it. Who are you? Why didn’t you go to school today? And where are my parents?”
“Well, okay. I’m Vesta. I don’t go to school because I don’t have to. And your parents is in their house celebrating your grandma’s birthday,”

“This is my house, this is my parents’ house, and they are not here.”
“Yes, this is your house, but this is my world, and we are on our holiday, without your family. You want this, holiday without your family and alone. I just grant your wish,” Vesta smiled.
“You are insane!!!” Vesta smiled again and gone. Shysie closed her eyes and hoped that it was only her dream. Five, ten, fifteen minutes, and she heard her mother’s and father’s voices celebrating her grandma’s birthday somewhere, without her. She felt sorry for what she did to her parents and for her stupid wish. Now, the rain came for Shysie.

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