Sister From Another Mother (Part 1)

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“Morning, weirdo.” Greeting a girl who wears green veil.

She has round eyes, slightly sharp nose, and also has sweet smile on her lips. Her name is Sabrina. The girl whom Sabrina greets just goes by her, leaving her alone. The girl has slanted eyes, slightly nose, and her expression is flat. The girl’s name is Maura. When Maura walks in front of Sabrina, it is looked that she is tall, her body is slim, and she is holding a black goodie bag.

Knowing that Sabrina is being ignored, she overtakes Maura, “What’s up, Mau? It’s not like you. You are used to make jokes in the morning and then we laugh out loud. What’s wrong?”
Maura slows down her steps. “I will tell you later in class.” Then they continue walking to their class.

Sabrina and Maura are new students in Blue University. It is their 3rd month to be the students. They are always together and very close. In every class they take together, they always sit side by side. Sabrina is a cheerful girl and Maura is a girl who loves to make jokes. So their classmates often hear their hard laughter. Maura is also kind of a caring person to her best friend. She often brings lunch for Sabrina because Sabrina’s mother is a busy business woman so Sabrina does not ever bring lunch. Maura also often helps Sabrina in doing her assignments when Sabrina is so busy with her activity in theater club. They love each other. They even treat them as “sister from another mother” because they feel like their best friendship makes them like having sister.

But like other best friendship, they also often fight. Their fight is usually caused by Sabrina’s forgetfulness that annoys Maura. For example when Sabrina forgets not to tell other people about Maura’s crush but she even tells Niana, her classmate. But this morning Maura does not look like excited as she are used to. Her steps are unstable and her face is a bit pale. When they are already sitting on their chair, Maura begins to talk,

“I’m having a family problem, Sab.”
“What problem? Let me listen to your story.”
“Last night my dad went back from work bringing a bad news. He had debt to his company. The debt had to be paid off in the end of this month. Meanwhile my family is having financial crisis.”

Sabrina listens to Maura’s story carefully. Then Maura shows the black goodie bag that she brings and unpacks the contents inside, 4 cupcakes.

“Then this morning my grand father visited my house. My dad immediately bought these cupcakes so that my grand father would be happy. But when my grand father knew the huge debt, he was mad at my father and left my house. He even didn’t eat the cupcakes, so my dad told me to eat these cupcakes in class.”

Sabrina begins to be touched. She pities Maura’s father. He is having huge debt and Maura’s grand father is mad at him rather than giving any moral support. Finally Sabrina says,
“So these cupcakes are from your dad?”
“Yeah. But looking at these cupcakes makes me getting sad.”

Sabrina can not restrain herself no longer. She cries. She can not restrain herself to not to cry when she hears any touching story just like what Maura tells to her. She is very easy to touch. Then she hugs Maura and says,
“Let’s eat these sweet cupcakes together. We eat these as smiling, so your dad will be glad if the cupcakes are enjoyed when we are smiling.”

Then they eat the cupcakes together. Sabrina is a bit confused. Her best friend is having a problem. She really wants to help her because Maura often helps her to overcome her problems. “How to make Maura laugh? At least laughing will make her a bit relax.” Sabrina thinks. Sabrina begins to talk again with Maura. She tries to put in a joke into their conversation. She hopes that Maura will smile. But Maura’s expression is still flat, even it is getting worse because she looks gloomy. The lecturer comes to the class, so all the students prepare to begin the lesson.

The next day, Sabrina is already in class. As usual, she waits for Maura to come. She has already prepared some interesting topics so that Maura can be amused. But when Maura comes, her appearance is more messy than usual. Her face is getting pale and there are dark circles around her eyes.

“What’s wrong, Maura?” Sabrina asks in silent.

When Maura sits next to Sabrina, she does not say anything. Her sight is vacant. Sabrina begins to worry. She asks,
“Why are you, Mau?” But Maura does not answer her. Along the day, Maura does not really say anything to Sabrina. “Maybe Maura wants to be alone to calm herself.” Sabrina guesses.

The next days, Maura’s behaviour is getting worse. Since the day she tells her family problem, Maura keeps ignoring Sabrina. Everytime Sabrina tries to talk to Maura, Maura just turns her head to Sabrina for awhile then silent. All chats that are sent to Maura are never replied by her. Sabrina often visits Maura’s house but Maura does not want to meet her. Maura’s mother also does not know what makes her daughter ignores Sabrina. It is very clear that Maura intentionally avoids Sabrina and Sabrina does not know the reason at all.

The climax happens when Maura moves to sit next to Niana, whereas she and Sabrina always sit side by side. Maura begins to open herself with Niana. Niana is a tomboyish girl who loves to joke. Sabrina sees the intimacy between Maura and Niana. Maura has really stayed away from Sabrina. She even does not think of Sabrina’s existence while they are in 1 place and time. “Why, Maura? Why does our best friendship end like this? Where’s my sister from another mother?” Sabrina is brokenhearted with the changes that happen to Maura. It is really sad when people whom we call as best friend at last leave us without any clear reason. Leaving us with the big question on our head, “WHAT’S WRONG? WHAT’S MY FAULT?”

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