Sister From Another Mother (Part 2)

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The days keep going by. It is the 5th month for Sabrina as university student. Maura is still the same, still ignores Sabrina. Now, Sabrina often sits next to Alessa. They become close friends because they are often in the same group in many assignments. Alessa is also Maura’s friend in French club and they are close. Alessa also knows that Sabrina and Maura were best friends. But she acts to be neutral and tries to be friends with them both. Seeing how Sabrina and Maura looks now is indeed sad. They used to go anywhere together. Alessa also used to hear their laughter in class. But now they are more like strangers or even like 2 people who are ever together then they lose their memories. They seem to become amnesia and forget that they are ever together. Now in her room, Alessa thinks to reunite Sabrina and Maura. Moreover she is close to them both, so she thinks that it will be easier to bring them back together. Soon, Alessa sends chats to Sabrina and Maura. She invites them to eat at Blue’s cafe after classes. Sabrina replies by “Yes, I’d love to.” while Maura replies by, “We’ll see later.”

The next day after classes, Alessa invites Sabrina and Maura again to go to the cafe. Maura looks doubtful because Niana who is outside the class calls her to go home together. But after seeing Sabrina, finally Maura wants to join and tells Niana to go home first. Then they three go to the cafe. Once they get there, the cafe is quiet enough. There are only few students on the corner, drinking coffee. When they reach to the table that they choose, Alessa and Sabrina sit on the sofa. Maura still stand in front of the table. Then she sees Sabrina who is reading the menu list and suddenly slaps Sabrina’s cheek so hard. Sabrina and Alessa are very shocked. As holding her reddish cheek, Sabrina asks,

“Why do you slap me like that?”
Maura glares at Sabrina and says, “You want to know why I slap you? TO WAKE YOU UP! TO MAKE YOU REALIZE! That you have hurt me! But you act like nothing happens until this time.”

Sabrina looks confused. When did she hurt Maura? Did not Maura the one who did that? Hurting Sabrina by leaving her without any reason.

“What have I done, Mau?” Sabrina asks. She tries to be calm because she knows that Maura is easy to explode.
“Oh so you haven’t waken up, huh?” Maura says, “Don’t you remember when I told my family problem? Rather than giving me support, you said ‘later if you don’t have any time I think you will sell your brother to pay off your dad’s debt’ then you laughed. What kind of best friend are you?”

Sabrina is really shocked. Are those words from her? She even forget that she ever says those words to Maura. How evil she is, giving those kind of bad words to her best friend.

Sabrina keeps being silent for some time. When did she give out those kind of words? “Oh my God. Maybe it happened when I tried to cheer Maura up who was being sad. Because I was not expert in making jokes like Maura, so I put in the joke that was in my head at that time. But I think the joke gave different meaning to Maura.” Sabrina says in silent.

“I just tried to joke, Mau.” Finally Sabrina speaks after being silent for some time.
“What kind of joke? That was an insult! Didn’t you think that I would sell my family for money? My family is my precious thing, Sab! And your words are the worst words I’ve ever heard! You hurt me so much, so I decided to leave you. Why I must be friends with someone who has bad mouth like you?” Then Maura turns around and leaving Sabrina and Alessa.

Immediately, Sabrina wakes up and holds Maura’s hand. “Mau, please forgive me. Honestly, I didn’t realize and didn’t remember that I ever said such bad words. It was my fault, Mau. How dare I was to hurt you whom was being sad at that time.”
Sabrina begins to cry. She really regrets the words that have hurt Maura. “Forgive me, I beg you. I should not have said that to my best friend. No wonder you ignored me and left me.. I regret, Mau.”

Maura still can not control her emotion. She keeps being silent. Seeing that, Alessa also wakes up. Everything has been clear, about why Sabrina and Maura are not best friends like they used to be. Alessa wants to help them to make peace. They must make peace because they are best friends.


Best friends will always be best friends eternally because a best friend is a sister who is given by God through another mother. Finally, Alessa gives her opinion,

“Sab, Mau, everybody ever commits mistake. No matter they realize it or not. How about we forgive each other? I’m pretty sure, deep down inside your hearts, you still think that you’re best friends. Right? But, because of the mistake, it’s like dirt that is on a mirror. It makes the truth becomes invisible. You are best friends, then and now. So, let’s forgive each other so that your hearts will be calm.”
Few times later, Maura turns her head, seeing Sabrina who is still crying as holding her hand. Suddenly, Maura hugs Sabrina and cries, “I forgive you, Sabrina. I love you.”

Sabrina takes Alessa’s hand. Then they hug tightly for long time. When they end their long hug and see their face each other, they laugh at how slanted their eyes because they cry too much. But it does not matter, these tears are happiness tears. Happines, because God has reunited the hearts that ever separated because of sore.

The next day, Sabrina and Alessa are drinking UHT milk that they buy at cafe. They laugh so hard because the milk spills and makes Alessa’s skirt to be wet. Maura comes to the class. Before sitting on her chair, she approaches Sabrina and Alessa,

“Morning, two weirdos.”
Alessa replies her, “You are the weirdo.”

Maura sticks her tongue out then sits in her chair. Sabrina laughs then calls Maura,
“Mau” Maura turns her head to Sabrina. “I love you, my sister from another mother.” Sabrina says, then she smiles.
Maura replies her as smiling, “I do too.” Sabrina is extremely happy because she and Maura become best friends again.

Sabrina promises that she will not waste her best friend. She ever felt how sad she was when being left by her best friend. It really hurts. And what hurts her so much more is knowing that she is the reason why her best friend leaves her. So, she also promises that she will correct her behaviour. She does not want to lose a best friend anymore. From that case, she really realizes how precious a best friend for her. May Sabrina and Maura can keep their best friendship forever. “Thank You, God, for this life lesson that You give to me.” Sabrina says as she smiling.

[ A best friend is like a star. We may not always see her,
but she is always there for us. – Anonym ]

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