The Aristocrat

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“GAAAHHH!!! I’M SO BORED!!!” Ryan shouted, while rested his head at his table.
“Umm… Do you want to eat something?” Ryan older brother, Evan asked.
“No…” Ryan said.
“Oh… If you need something, call me. I’ll do the house chores,” Evan said, leaving Ryan room.

“Maybe I should go dating with Relyna!” Ryan said, picking his jacket.

Timeskip, to the White Household
“Sorry, Ryan… But… there was here,” Ryan girlfriend, Relyna said.
“Okay… I’ll leave then…” Ryan said, walking away from Relyna house.

Timeskip, at the road
Ryan was confused what to do now. In the house, he was very bored, want to go on a date, his girlfriend has a guest.
“Maybe I should go home,” Ryan said. That’s when he saw something.

Ryan approaching the interesting thing.
“A pocket watch?! This is… Just like aristocrat has long ago!!” Ryan said, then take it home.

22.00 pm
Still looking at the golden pocket watch, Ryan smiled.
“There’s a Welsh language at this pocket watch. That means this pocket watch must be belongs to a Welsh aristocrat…” Ryan said, covered himself in Northern Ireland flag blanket, and fell asleep.

“Wake up!! Wake up, YOU IMMATURE BRAT!!” someone shouted, with a Welsh accent.
Ryan rubbing his eyes, when he looked who wake him up, he shouted.
“HELP MEEEEEE!!!” Ryan shouted, as a scary ghost walk to him.
“No one will help you… Give back that thing you stole from me…” He said, with a Welsh accent.
“What thing?! I don’t even know who are you!!!” Ryan starts to cry.
“I’m Hayden Driscoll, the aristocrat who died in war. I lost my pocket watch, I know that you were the one who stole it… GIVE IT BACK!!!” Hayden shouted, stabbed Ryan in the heart.

The morning, there was a little boy stabbed in the heart. His older brother said he was fall asleep when his younger brother stabbed in the heart. The police believe him, and do the investigate until now, but the killer was never appear.

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