The Elvenking and The Little Bird

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In an Elven kingdom in the far-east, winter has come. The snow colored the whole scene into white. In one of the palace balconies, the King was enjoying the view in front of him. Winter has always been his favorite season. Because the mist that descends makes the forest landscape becomes more enchanted.

From a distance seem a flash of shadow. Longer, it gets closer and clearer. The King did not believe what he saw. A small bird flew from the west, then stopped to greet the King. The King welcomes the little bird with kindness. Allowing the little bird to sit on his fingers.

“What are you doing out here in the winter, little bird?” The king asked. “You should sleep in your warm nest.”
“Praise to the King,” said the little bird. “I just came back from a long trip, my lord.”
“A long trip?”
The little bird nodded.
“Amazing,” said the king. “I’m sure, that would be a great story you can share with your family.”
“I know it.”
“You say you just came back from the west?”
“Right, my lord.”
“Then, do you see my son on your way here?”
“Ah, yes! I see the Prince riding fast to the west.”
“If it so, he’s already on the right path.”
“But, my lord, where will the Prince go in the winter like this?” Asked the little bird. “He’s getting away from his house.”
“I sent him away,” the King replied. “there’s a job has to do.”
“Cannot it wait until the winter passes, my lord?”
“I’m worried, if it waits longer, it will be too late.”
“I’m flying home, but the Prince just drove away,” said the little bird regretted.
The king smiled. “No need to worry. He’ll be back soon.”
“I hope so.”

“It seems, you really like my son.”
“Of course, my lord. The Prince’s so friendly to every animals around the kingdom.”
“Nice to know that.”
“Exactly, where did you send your son, my Lord?”
“To the Dark Forest on the Mainland.”
“Dark Forest? Isn’t that place so dangerous?” the little birds’ shock. “No Human dares to enter the forest, they say, an evil witch lives there.”
The king smiled again. “There’s nothing to fear for my kin,” he said.
“I see. But, why did you send your son to go there, my Lord?”
“Some old friends need help.”
“Help for what?”
“To hunting witch.”

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    Hey, i really like your story. Keep going!

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