The Last Star

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Every place has a story and in this place, I have one that I want to tell. In this place, I was standing up, puffing up my chest, holding on the iron-wire fence in front of me, looking at the vast expanse of sea, and I saw toward the big city across the sea. The city was my home. The Light City, I named it.

In that city, I felt happy and sad at the same time. But, the light of city made me strong to face all of problems that came into my life. I have found many people in that city. They have been the stars in my heart. But, they shone just a moment, until I realized that what I need was not a star, but I need a sun which can enlighten my life.

Now, I will tell you about the stars. The first star, his name is Ul. For me, he was a friendly star and cared about me. He helped me to solve my problems. Unfortunately, I misinterpreted his care to me. I thought that he cared about me because he liked me. How silly am I. And when I realized it, the light of this star in my heart had been extinguished.

The second star, his name is Ad. He comes from my city. If you ask me about the coolest star that I have known, he is Ad. One thing which I like the most from this star, he always speaks straight to the point. Sometimes, I was embittered by his harsh words. But, I still miss him with that attitude, because it looked like he cared about me. But, one mores again, this star shone in my heart just a moment. At the end, his light would go away. I realized that his light was not for me, and it would never be mine.

The third star, his name is Red. This star has different life with mine. I lived at east and he lived at west. However, the differences between us made me interested to him. He gave me many surprises every day and tried to introduce me to his west life. Because we were very different, so, his light in my heart stopped to shine. Actually, there was one thing that we could not be tolerated in our differences, yeah, we had different faith.

The last star which have ever been in my heart, his name is An. He hurt me so much until now. According to my opinion, his light looks beauty if it is seen from the distance. But, if you get close to him, you will find that there is no light again. This star hurt me by his presence. Yeah, he pretended to like me but actually he did not. For me, it was so painful. Until now, I am hurt so much. My heart is broken. His light has been extinguished by the time.

I want to show to the last star that I will find my sun immediately. I want he feel sorry because he hurt me so much and let his light in my heart disappear. So, I decided to be sturdy and strong, pretending if there is nothing happened. I don’t want to be a weak person in front of him, because I am okay without him. All I need is just my sun.

And here, I come back again to this place, I am standing up with my pride, looking at the Light City in front of me, trying to shout to the last star which have been there for long time. I want to tell him that if he look at me now, I am really really fine. Here, I am standing up, far away from the Light City, but it everything is fine, because I always feel that my sun stays by my side for lightening my life. My beloved sun, his name is Al.

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