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One of the beautiful and smart students at SMAN 1 HARAPAN school is named Ririn okta monica. Ririn is usually called, she becomes a woman who always attracts the attention of all students, especially the boys at the school, not only because of her beauty but her personality that is different from other friends which makes her liked by many people.

Since Ririn’s arrival, almost all the boys tried to approach her. Some even approached her to class and gave her flowers and chocolates. But unfortunately, Ririn always refuses men who want to be close to her. No one knows Ririn has a boyfriend or not, because she has never told her close friends about her romance. Ririn can be classified as an introverted student. She doesn’t talk too much about things which doesn’t think are important.

“How come Ririn didn’t come in 3 days? She also didn’t send a sick letter if she was really sick.” Said Annis, his close friend as well as Ririn’s classmate.
“Maybe he didn’t have time to send a sick letter Niss.” Said Leni who is a close friend of Ririn too.

The doorbell rang.
Leni asked Annis, “Annis, how about we go visit Ririn at her house now? I’m worried , I’m afraid Ririn’s is not okay !”
“Okay Len!” said Annis as she walked out of the classroom.

They finally arrived at Ririn’s house and it was true that Ririn was sick, her face was very pale.
“Rin, are you sick for three days without going to school? For the first time also you don’t send a sick letter !”. Asked Leni while sitting near Ririn.
“I’m just not feeling well Len, I’m fine!” Ririn muttered with a stiff smile.
“Are you really okay Rin?. We’re really worried about you. I see your face is very pale like someone who is malnourished and hasn’t eaten for a week!” teased Annis while lightening the mood and inviting Ririn to laugh.
“It seems so!!!” Ririn said while laughing.

“Rin, why don’t you want to tell us? We’re your friends too, so you don’t have to think that we don’t care about you. I know the look on your face can be seen when you are thinking a lot and having problems.” Leni said.
“No, I just don’t have enough rest and I’m just tired.” Reply Rin.
“Okay, okay!!, If you don’t want to tell us. But, now I’m angry if you are still not honest with us. You still think we are strangers? Annis said while forcing Ririn to tell a story.

“Come on Rin, let’s be friends so I and Annis want to always be there for you and maybe you need us too to be friends to share joys and sorrows”. Leni said.
“Thank you so much for visiting me to my home today. I’m actually fine. I just need some time alone.” Ririn said.
“What do you mean Rin, need some time alone?” Annis said while interrupting Ririn’s conversation.
“Yeah, my heart’s just a little bit not okay.” Ririn continued with a forced smile.
“How can your heart not be fine, while you from before were nothing.” Leni replied with a bit of anger.
“I’m sorry Len, Niss, I never really told you about this. Maybe this is the right time for me to talk.” Ririn paused for a moment.
“Are you okay rin?”. Asked Annis.
“It’s Niss, you just shut up!! Just wait for Ririn to continue talking.” Said Leni while scolding Annis.

“I was betrayed, I was disappointed in him. Even I was disappointed with myself. I was too trusting and it never crossed my mind about something like this.”
“Wait a minute, I’m sorry Rin, I’m a little confused by your story. Can you explain from the start? I really don’t know who exactly the person who betrayed you was. ” Leni exclaimed who was getting curious.
“Yeah, Rin, I’m also curious about the person you want to tell us about.” Add Annis.

That man is my lover, his name is Dimas. We were in a relationship for a long time, and he always made me special even I myself felt that I was treated differently from any woman who had ever existed in this world. He never gets tired of sending short messages in the morning and at night before I go to bed, and that’s what he does every day. I am happy with him, I always appreciate his existence. That’s why I never want to accepted them to be close to me. Even those who gave me chocolates and flowers, I refused to accept them. I’m afraid they will misinterpret if I accept their gift. Because of him I’m numb, I can’t love any other man but him.

We have a long distance relationship, because he has to continue studying outside of city. Since then we have only communicated via handphone. After several months had passed, everything suddenly changed. Starting from him who rarely sends short messages for me in the morning and at night, until he has a busy life that I almost don’t want to disturb.

At first I thought he was just busy doing his college assignments, because I didn’t know how hard his college assignments were until he was so busy studying. And I’ve also tried to call him before 10 pm, just to make sure he is. But apparently he answered, “I’m working on an assignment, I’ll call back later” and he immediately turned off the call.
There I cried, I can’t accept that reason. I couldn’t because I kept thinking about him who suddenly changed. I texted him while crying “you said want to call back? Why you are don’t called me ? You’re so mean, I’ve been waiting for your free time until now and you don’t have time for me at all. Did you forget or are you lying to me?”.
At that time, I could only cry, hoping that Dimas would reply to my messages and call me back. But Dimas didn’t do that at all until now.

“So how are you guys going?”. asked Leni curiously.
After that, I tried to find information about Dimas in his campus. Fortunately, I have a cousin who goes to the same campus as Dimas, my cousin happens to be quite familiar with Dimas. I asked him to find out about Dimas there and I also told him my current situation.

After two days I waited for news from my cousin, finally she told me about Dimas there and sent some pictures of girls and pictures of Dimas. Dimas turned out to be lying to me, he already had a new girlfriend there who happened to be in the same university as him. The woman’s name is Mei, she is beautiful and tall, based on her photos are a model. And what I didn’t expect was that he actually created a new Instagram account, and posted his photo with that woman. Dimas often takes the woman home, and often goes for walks.

My heart hurts, I cry while reading a message from my cousin. And finally I know Dimas is not busy with his college assignments but he has busy with his new girlfriend. I was felt betrayed, cried endlessly, an incident that I had never imagined before.

“Rin, be patient. We are always there for you. We will help you rise from this problem,” said Annis, holding her back.
“I never wanted this feeling of loss. It’s hard for me to accept all this, but I know life goes on and the world will keep on turning.” Ririn said full of hope.
“I know you are facing a very tough life, it doesn’t mean your world has to end soon and everything falls apart. You have to keep your spirits up and let that traitorous man go.” Said Leni who is always wise.
“But I love him Len, it’s hard for me”. Reply Rin.
“It’s hard because you still love don’t believe in such a dimas? Or it’s hard because you still want and hope that Dimas will return to your embrace, after he betrayed you and until now Dimas has never tried to contact you again. Is that still not enough to make you sick?” said Leni firmly.
“Never mind Rin, he clearly hurt you, if he really loves you. He should be, no matter how far the distance is, it’s not a reason not to let you know. And indeed Dimas is not the best for you Rin, we both love you.” Annis said, and the three of them hugged each other.

Finally, Ririn smiled happily because of the existence of Leni and Annis. They promised to always support and help Ririn to recover from her injuries.

After a year had passed, Ririn lived her days peacefully. No more longing to torment at night, no more photos to look at when longing, no more conversations to reread on mobile phones, no more memories to remember and no more pain to heal. Coming to terms with the past is one way to forget apart from letting go. And to get to this point, all need a fairly long process.

Because Ririn is liked by many boys in her school. Finally Ririn tried to get along with them. Since separating from Dimas, Ririn no longer keeps her distance from some of her male friends as before.
One of the boys at the school, named Akbar, tries to approach his best friend Ririn.
He asked everything about Ririn. From her likes, to things that Ririn doesn’t like.

“Cheating is something that Ririn’s really don’t like,” answered Annis spontaneously.
“You asked about ririn, because you like Ririn right? Just be careful you try to hurt him!!! Leni answered and confirmed Annis’ statement.

The day passed and when it was time to go home, suddenly Akbar was in front of Ririn’s classroom door. When the three of them walked out of the classroom, Akbar greeted Ririn.
“Ririn, can I speak for a moment?”
“It’s okay!!” replied Leni and Annis who already knew the purpose of Akbar’s arrival.

“Akbar, what’s wrong?” asked Ririn.
“What is certain is that this feeling has emerged for a very long time, since we first entered this school. At that time you were still very indifferent to me, not even just me but all the boys in this school. And I have special feelings for you Rin, I love you. Do you want to be my girlfriend?” Akbar asked hopefully.

Ririn suddenly fell silent. He remembers Dimas who had hurt him, but he tries to think that Akbar is a much better substitute for Dimas.

“Okay, I understand what you means Rin. I’m not same with your ex. Who is willing to hurt a woman as good as this. But I promise to be the best for you. I love you Ririn !”
“I love you too!”, Ririn immediately answered.
“Yeah, I want to be your girlfriend.” Said Ririn while smiling shyly, with her cheeks flushed red.
In the end, they had a good relationship.

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