Miss Night

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Sounds of owls and howling dogs on the hills tease the eternal loneliness at to night. Momentary voice shouted to each other. Dogs or a owls, I don’t know what is it but it was louder and filled the night air.

A weeping girls that was sad heard hazily from the darkness night. While a crying begin louder, a howling disappeared. Perhaps, he run off and hide at his den fearly.

When I was here, at this place at a patrolling post nearly a cemetery. It’s because I was here lonely. It was my turn. It maybe a long might and a fully worried might. Yeah it’s was called patrolling but they preferred to round the village since they were afraid to ghost swallowing then. I just laughed at their word. I just laughed at their word.

At frightening night, I’till hear a hazy crying since a sissy animal never screamed filling my ears. “Just is it like that his bravery?” I don’t know what is it but I just could think it that they really scared to a haunted spirit maybe they fearful with her because they could see whatever I didn’t it. When I looked at an clock on the wall. Almost one a.m., but why that crying didn’t stopped yet. “Will to might be her last misery, so she cries might long.

I was getting curios, whose spirits cried every might like this. When all villagers were afraid to keep themselves on the bed, unlike me that wanted to know who she was. I got up and begin to walk and tried to look for the crying coming soon. I just took a light that was almost going out and remain bravery at myself and maybe it was lost after that. I dared for my thirsty soul that wanted to know about a crying girl that built my heart getting sympathetic because I wanted to unity part of miss night.

I would retell about the last night when my soul was possession by a fear that made me be mad but I praise to God cause of the happening, I got a new friend. I wrote this story to make everybody believe me that I was no liar. A touched crying was getting louder, when I approached closer to the top of hill. There were many high trees such as acacia, casuarinas tress,. An villagers called the hill as ‘the regretting forest’. Yeah, it’s like that.

According to villagers story it was a haunted jungle and there was a guard there. Everybody said like that because whoever entered there never to come back again. Yeah, it was only a boasting villagers and I never trust then. Each story that they told as was only as an urban legend, an classic legend in order to not to dare out the house.

I looked at some flight from the way of entry village. I stopped my walk and reshoot again them. “Man, where are you going?” shouted one of them.
“I want to search cricket! Will you join me?” I replied.
Their pale face with scaring to the haunted girls seem clearly light that shoot by my light was going out. “Lukman where are you going? Look for a cricket in the regretting jungle?”.
“Don’t ever go to there! Beside of my home is so many”, answered Tejo.
“I want to climb an the top the hill to enjoy the sunrise that must be different” .
“No” said Jalu.
“There is a something darkness, Man! Aren’t you afraid to a girl who is crying like this?” I just laughed hearing what they he said. They looked at me with strange face. But I didn’t care with then. So long me had to debate about it. But, finally they let me go. Actually, I was a bit worried when seeing their face my curiosity of crying bigger than about it. That almost a half of year always haunted my village.
“Take care, Man!” shouted Jalu.
“If there are more cricket than at beside my house, please send me a message, Man!” said Tejo
“be careful Man, night is so dark and the girl never stop crying.” Said Aji
I just smiled while saw their step to leave me alone here. Yeah, the light was almost down. Now, there was only a little light shining from flashlight. My felling was getting down that build a frightening sensation. I didn’t care whatever they told about the girl and let my frightening covering myself. I was willing to the night to kill me if she stopped the crying, “she was so pity?” the crying really sliced that hard hearth. “Please stopped it. Please stopped the crying.”

Step by step walked to the hill, finally I arrived the top and hear so clearly that crying. I was sure that the girl was so closed with me, since I heared not only her never… also a real sound. I kept my silent, tired to feel the crying that was so sad.. I didn’t know why my tears suddenly fell down at my cheek and remember me at the misery of my life. Really, it’ve broken my heart very much. I don’t know why.
“I see. Don’t cry again! I know your feeling, don’t cry, please!” I asked her to stop crying. “please, don’t cry!” I not able to hear your cry again. I saw her, didn’t I? that was not wrong. She was a girl who cried every night and disturbed the loneliness night. However, a dark night always accompanied her when the tears never stopped falling down. From far way, I saw a girl with long hair and wore a pink pajama. Although it was looked unclearly but I was sure that she was a girl whose crying covered night at my village.

My step approach her slowly. My body was extremely trembling, I didn’t know why. Suddenly, my body freeze here with the cold dark night. I was getting closer her but my steps couldn’t move and I couldn’t stop my tears. I couldn’t hold myself about all frightening and horrifying feeling when I tried to reach her shoulder. I just wanted you know, that seemed to stop when I touched her. It’s so cold. Her howdy was so cold. It’s like a block of ice. It’s really so cold until my hand freezed and couldn’t more anymore. Even more, who so hard to open and my voice vanished from the mouth. The tongue was so hard to say I was like statue who soul inside, I didn’t know why. Perhaps, if I was only a frightening felling that came to myself.

I tried to calm myself down a moment. When I got my voice. When this mouth began to open. When my voice could say again. I tried to ask something her “Why? Why do you always cry like that?” But, she didn’t answer anything. No word, no voice was from her. I was so getting tried to see her face another side, but I still couldn’t see her face. Even more, she turned over the face. Maybe, she was shy with me (I said myself)
At that night, I just heard a little voice from her mouth

“You don’t ever understand!. Because we’re different” she answered so softly.

“I want to know about you?” “Who are you?”

“Sorry, I can’t.”

“If you can’t answer, it’s no problem! But I hope you stop your crying!”

“I can’t” she replied while turning her body

It was surprised that she was younger than me. She was so beautiful. I knew that she was only a haunted girl. But, I couldn’t lie to myself that her enchantment made me falling silent. She was so charmed until my eyes couldn’t turn away from her beauty. Finally, I could see her appearance clearly, though the light almost went down.

Her face was oval, her chin was almost perfect. Her little lips was so adorable. Her beauty eyes look at me softly although in tears that flowed endlessly.

Slowly, I reached her face full of tears and removed all but useless. The tears kept flowing, I did not know how to make him stop crying. I could only stare at her with great affection. He smiled wistfully, perhaps he understood this gaze.

“You’re a fine young man,” he said

“Stop your crying, if you do not have a reason to do so. Make of me as your excuse and stop crying for me.” I said. He nodded slowly.

“Thank you, because you’re good. I’ll tell you a little bit why I cry like this every night.”

“Please, I’ll be a loyal listener.”

“Actually, I haven’t died yet, but I want to die. My life is always filled with pain that makes me to end the life, so no more pain that I sense. But the plan fails, even though I’ve stabbed my stomach with a dagger. My life hung between life and death for six months, my body have coma in the hospital, but my soul drift and layover here to shed all villagers. Ah, it’s useless I tell you everything, because you’ll never know anything about me. ”

He explained. I do not believe that if he was still alive, or more precisely between life and death.

“You’re still alive?” I still did not believe it.

“Between life and death. Either consciously or later I am going to die, but I just want to die, because I never saw my own body in the hospital.” He replied.

“I want you to stop crying and conscious, so I can see you smiling at me later.”

I spent the night between the dawn began to erode the silence. I was still in that place. On the hill of regret, sitting alone with facing the eastern horizon where the sun would soon move slowly revealing itself to be shy and sometimes he would take advantage of the glare of the light that no one who saw him embarrassed as he slowly appeared. Unfortunately, the woman have lost while the arrival of a beautiful sun. Too bad he couldn’t enjoy it all with me.
“I hope I can see you again.” I prayed while closing my eyes.

Sun was more beautiful to shine and rise up slowly. The bird seemed to have awakening from the nest and is now beginning to chirp tunable in the branches. Fresh air the morning of pampering my breathing, I enjoy inhaling and exhaling of breath that is now very delicious. I just closed my eyes again so I could better enjoy this atmosphere in every second. My imagination began to drift away together gusts of wind that delivered creeps seduction. Conjure up again about the woman’s face. There was a time of turmoil in the hearts of these shadows greeted with a smile. If he had awakened from a long hibernation, I would take her to this place. On the edge of a hillside that has the most beautiful dawn. I wished I belonged to you, Dhea Putri.

The month passed quickly, but it was slowed by this longing. I was glad for one month no longer hear the misery cry, but where she is now. Do you know, if I miss you, Dhea.

“Man, Lukman!” Called someone from my porch. I was instantly aware that daydreaming and onto the terrace.

“Oh, Aji, what happen?” I asked.

“Someone looks for you. She is beautiful girl from the town, man.” Said Aji with eyes and seductive tone.

“Who?” I asked.

“That’s the lady in the car. Fine, I go now.

“Take care!” Aji said, and walked away.

“Thank Ji. You do not want to drink coffee?” I said offer.

“No, Thanks. Another time only Man!”


I really did not believe that if A girl who wa out of the luxury car it was him. The girl whom I had missed very much. Gracefully she came over and I could only paused in silence. I could see the smile sweetly. “Now I can see it in real time, without the tears flowing from her beautiful eyes”

“Do you still remember me?”

“I always remember you and you have to know if I missed you.”


“Trust me!” He suddenly grabbed me gently. Warm and comfortable, not like at night time it was the only cold on his body. I turned her hug back.

The body had bit shaky and I vaguely heard a sob. He kept his face burying in my chest until our tears dropped emotion simultaneously.

“Thanks Lukman, you are a person who have made me waking up from the nightmare. I have gratitude to help me encouraging myself heart and which have as useless for anything,” he said while releasing her hug.

“It is an honor for me personally. I would say ‘yes’ if you want to enjoy a cup of coffee with me here. On my porch.” I replied with laughter then greeted his laughter.

I removed my tears, and then I offered him my handkerchief. He took it and smiled so sweetly. I was very happy to see her like that, Dhea.

“Okay, no problem!”

“It’s so well!” My say made him to be cheerful again. Both of us enjoyed a warm coffee while joking and sharing stories together.

In a still-dark morning, I held her hand as we walked toward the hilltop regret to enjoy the dawn is so beautiful. At that moment I could no longer see her sad eyes that shone out thousands of such pain like that night, and now his eyes had sparkled definitely staring ahead. Dhea Putri. I love you.

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